Training in-vehicle and classroom performances must meet the Alberta Transportation standards for certificate eligibility. If the student is unable to meet the performance standards of the certificate program after completing the required hours of instruction provided with the course, they may book additional hours with their instructor to meet those standards and receive their “Certificate of Completion.” Alternatively, if the student practices their driving skills and obtains their Class 5 GDL driver’s license, they may then book an in-vehicle two-hour assessment with a Lethbridge Driving Academy instructor, if the Alberta Transportation standards are met, they will receive their “Certificate of Completion”



  1. The school will provide a proper learning environment and will provide training in a timely and professional manner

  2. The driver-training vehicle will be clean and in good running condition, will have a valid license plate, registration and insurance as specified by the Alberta Government for driver training.

  3. The Instructor is licensed by Alberta Transportation and will provide Instructor license and/or operator’s license upon request.

  4. If the instructor cancels a lesson for any reason every effort will be made to reschedule the lesson at the earliest convenience.

  5. The Instructor will give full attention to the student during the in-vehicle lesson.

  6. An in-vehicle report card/student summary with a detailed evaluation will be completed by the instructor and a copy will be made available to the student.



  1. The student must possess a minimum of a Class 7 Alberta Learners License and have it in their possession during all in vehicle training sessions.

  2. The student must have completed the required hours of classroom and in vehicle training and must pass the applicable examination and performance evaluation before they can receive the  Alberta Government Driver Education Course Completion Certificate.

  3. Any acts of negligence on the part of the student that results in damage or a fine will be the responsibility of the student.

  4. Learning to drive must be taken seriously. Students are expected to give best efforts to the in vehicle and the classroom instructions. Unacceptable behavior (drinking alcohol, using drugs, swearing, boisterous behavior, consistently being late, etc.) will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal of the student at their expense.

  5. Cancellation of a lesson is to be made with 24 hours’ notice if possible, otherwise a cancellation fee may be imposed. This fee can be waived at the School’s discretion, if it is determined the circumstances merit doing so. We understand emergencies do arise, please contact us ASAP

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