1. Q - What is included in Lethbridge Driving Academy’s program package A?

A – 15 hours of comprehensive in class training is conducted over 2 days or online modules to be completed within 30 days, followed by 10 hours of in car training, plus a insurance reduction certificate, which is awarded once the program is completed successfully. This package is $750 GST included. (See our Fees & Program page for details) 

  2. Q – what if I already have my class 5 GDL and I would like to take lessons and get the certificate to help with insurance?

A – We have a program to help you. Our Package B is the same as package A with the driving portion 6 hours instead of 10.

  3. Q – Do you offer the program online?

A – Yes, students have the option to work through the class materials online at their own pace as an option for package A or B. We order the modules for you through an Alberta Transportation third party.

  4. Q – Why is it 10 hours in the car? What if I need more?

A – The 10 hours of in car instruction that we offer is the average amount of time Alberta Transportation suggests as a base. Some students enter the program to hone their skills and obtain the certificate for insurance reduction. Other students may require more than the 10 hours. We encourage students to practice with their families and/or opt to purchase more hours from us.

  5. Q – What is a brush up lesson?

A – Brush up lessons are extra lessons you can purchase in addition to our program or if you are looking to hone your skills before you take your class 5 GDL or advanced road test. To schedule a brush up lesson please email brownsbrushups@gmail.com

These lessons are $140 for every 2 hours required.

  6. Q – If I take a brush up lesson do I get a certificate?

A – Our brush up lessons are in car only, no class time or certificate is included.

  7. Q – What are your driving instruction hours? What are your office hours?

A – Our instructors generally conduct driving lessons Monday through Saturday in these two hour slots - 9 to 11 am, noon to 2 pm, 3 to 5 pm and some 6 to 8 pm. Once you have booked your lessons you will have your instructors information to contact them directly if needed.

Our office hours are 9 am to 3 pm weekdays and offer prompt responses to you. We are closed weekends and holidays.

Please leave a message by e-mail drivingtobethebest@gmail.com or by text or voicemail to 403-327-3886, we will get back to you.

  8. Q – Do you offer motorcycle or class 1 training?

A – No, sorry, we only offer class 5 (GDL and advanced) training, we can also assist you to prep for your class 4.